Helmut Breunig, Diplom degree in forestry, published an new Oberservation Guide: „Tree damage caused by mobile phone base stations“. A practical guide for your own observations.

Why an observation guide? – The author: „Since the rollout of GSM mobile phone networks in the 1990s, scientists have criticized that the effects of radiofrequency or RF radiation (microwaves) on living organisms and the environment have not been sufficiently studied.“

Excerpt Observation Guide:

In the setting of exposure limits for mobile phone base stations, RF radiation effects on plants have not been considered. In view of the explosive proliferation of the diverse wireless communication technologies across the entire environment and almost all areas of life, this represents an uncovered risk … The Observation Guide presented here is meant to encourage independent observations and documentations of trees and any damage they may sustain through exposure to radiofrequency radiation … DOWNLOAD PDF FOR FREE

Beobachtungsleitfaden deutsch DOWNLOAD PDF FOR FREE

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