Washington 2009

Expert Conference on Cell Phones and Health: Science and Public Policy Questions

Report on a U.S. Senate Hearing inWashington D.C. on September 14, 2009

By Franz Adlkofer

The U.S. Senate hearing on potential health effects from cell phone radiation for humans was suggested by Devra Davis, a professor at Pittsburgh University. It was to bring to the attention of the Senate the imbalance between the health-relevant interests of the public and the economic interests of the communications industry.

In her bestseller The Secret History of the War on Cancer, Devra Davis did convincingly describe how during the last hundred years national and international companies, usually with open or hidden support from politics, succeeded in many areas to push through their free-enterprise ideas at the costs of the public by distorting the respective developments in scientific research. In that way, millions of people worldwide did experience harm to life and limb. The Senate hearing was to prevent that this happens again in the area of cell phone communication […] >>>