Olle Johansson (associate professor The Experimental Dermatology Unit, Department of Neuroscience, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm) reports from his visit to a EESC meeting „Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity“, Brussels Nov 4, 2014. Some statements:

To me it is very clear that the EHS community worldwide now must act in unison, this is definitely a golden opportunity for change […]

The EHS community MUST make up their mind if they are to be regarded as a disease with a psychiatric and/or medical diagnosis, thus to be treated as patients with behavioural therapy, (psycho)pharmaca and/or corrective (psycho)surgery OR if they shall be regarded as having a functional impairment, thus having their home, work and general life environment ‚treated‘ by technical/practical measures o make it completely accessible.

The EHS community MUST – to be viewed as in unison – agree on the term to describe/label them. Personally, based on the above, I would go for ‚the functional impairment electro-hypersensitivity‘, nothing else […]

Just remember: Treating members of the community equally is not something that should be done as a favour; nor is it something that any parliament or government should politely request other inhabitants to provide others with. Equality is not something to be done ‚out of the goodness of one’s heart‘. It is something one does because it is expected of every citizen, because inaccessibility and discrimination are prohibited by law. Thus, it is not alright to deliberately make EHS persons‘ symptoms worse.

The electrically hypersensitive must therefore, in every situation and by all available means, demand respect, representation and power. They shall very clearly reject all approaches which reflect a mentality of ‚feeling pity fpr them‘ or ‚caring for them‘. Inaccessibility is not a personal problem. It is a problem for society. Inaccessibility is not about attitudes. It is about discrimination. And discriminatory actions and conduct shall not be dealt with by well-meaning talk about treatment. Discrimination is already illegal![…]

I say, there must be an end to nonchalance, lack of consideration, indifference and lack of respect on the part of society. Never accept discriminatory treatment or an insulting special treatment. Stand up for other’s rights and in this way you’ll stand up for our own future! […]

Remember we all must adhere to and follow all the handicap laws and regulations. To do the opposite is a serious violation and should immediately be reported/filed as an official legal complaint to your local authorities, parliament, government, the EU and the UN […]

The medical symptoms of the functional impairment electrohypersensitivity are already classified as an occupationally-related symptom-based diagnosis (code ICD-10) by the Nordic Council of Ministers since 2000 … In effect this means that anyone in need for symptom-relieving medicnes shall have them, just as a person with a movement disorder shall have e.g. painkillers for His/Her backpain He/She has got due to spending their days in a wheelchair. This does not take anything from the impairment; the complete accessability principle is still 100% in action.

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