Just as last year, Dariusz Leszczynski attended the annual BioEM meeting with support from the Pandora Foundation and the Competence Initiative. His current critical report gives an insight into the conference.


This report from the BioEM2015 focuses only on few representative examples of studies, from few selected topics to present some of the problems with the scientific evidence:

  • The Precautionary Principle
  • The causality link between EHS and EMF
  • RF-EMF exposure metrics
  • The existence of mechanism explaining existence of non-thermal effects of RF-EMF ….


Summary and comment by Franz Adlkofer, Stiftung Pandora:

Leszczynski is among the researchers who have acquired international respect for scientific work on molecular biological effects of radiofrequency electromagnetic fields. But what distinguishes him the most is that he has placed ethics and morality above his career path. In his report on the BioEM2015, Leszczynski offers an insight into the current status of research. He demonstrates that a reliable judgement is still not possible on the potential risks of radiofrequency radiation on human health; he names the research approach that could achieve decisive progress, and criticizes the numerous wrong tracks that pretend to increase our knowledge of this subject  … DOWNLOAD PDF FOR FREE