Klaus Scheidsteger

Klaus Scheidsteger: At the moment I’m working on a new film.  A number of internationally renowned scientists are participating. We ask for your support.

During the shooting: Conversation with Fiorella Belpoggi

Only by sound and accurate information can we win back citizen trust and reach a shared agreement over a technological choice which, if properly managed, can bring great social and economic benefits …
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The digital dilemma

We are going on an exciting cinematic journey and will show the flip side of the usual advertising of progress. While industry touts the brave new digital world, independent science is increasingly concerned about digital armament. For scientists researching all over the world, it has not only been clear since 5G: there is a problem and we need a solution as humanity. A realistic solution to the dilemma between technological progress and the risks to our health and environment.

We can’t handle this project financially on our own. We would be very happy if you could support us in this.

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