In a dedicated new essay – In: Essays on Consciousness – Towards a New Paradigm (ed. I. Fredriksson), Balboa Press, Bloomington, IN, USA, 2018 – Olle Johansson explains challenges „to understand adverse health effects of artificial Electromagnetic Fields“. The author asks urgently for the causes of a lack of awareness in society: „is ‚rocket science‘ needed or just common sense?‘


As we are all rapidly being forced into the new generation of electronic gadgets and wireless services, sometimes referred to as the “Internet of Things” and primarily based on the 5th generation (5G) of wireless communication, to be followed soon by 6G and 7G, more and more people are asking themselves if the ever-increasing levels of artificial electromagnetic fields (EMFs), especially of the pulsed type, really are safe for living organisms … It is high time that we all, scientists, politicians, civil servants and citizens, finally realize how potentially dangerous man-made, artificial electromagnetic fields released from, and used by, our various electric and electronic gadgets – such as powerlines, transformers and wiring inside household items, cell phones, DECT phones, tablets, laptops, game centers, information tools, Bluetooth accessories, baby alarms and monitors, and gas, water and electricity wireless smart meters, may be for our health ... DOWNLOAD PDF FOR FREE