A lecture of Peter Hensinger given at a meeting of the “GEW-Kreisverband Böblingen” (German Teachers’ Union) on 21 June 2017 in an English and French version. „On the road to a conditioning institution set up in a school without teachers? The efforts of Google, Apple, Microsoft, Bertelsmann and the Telekom to get education firmly in hand – and why almost nobody is taking notice of this infiltration.“

In Germany we have already had several school reforms, and now the “Kultusministerkonferenz” (standing conference of the ministers of education and cultural affairs) is announcing another one, namely “Digital education”, i.e. lessons making use of digital media such as Smartphone and Tablet PC with WLAN. It is planned to replace textbooks with smartphones or tablet PCs. The main initiative of the digital transformation of education comes from the IT industry … >>>

Malgré nos nombreuses réformes scolaires, voici maintenant que la Conférence des ministres de l’Education et des Affaires culturelles des Länder allemands en annonce une nouvelle, la «formation numérique»: l’enseignement par le biais des médias numériques, tels le smartphone et les tablettes reliés au Wi-Fi. Il est prévu de remplacer les manuels scolaires par des smartphones ou des tablettes. La principale initiative en faveur de la numérisation de la formation vient du secteur des technologies de l’information (TI)DOWNLOAD PDF FOR FREE

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