Artificial EMG by WLAN-Exposure

New study by Lebrecht von Klitzing in Journal of Biostatistics and Biometric Applications 6/1 (2021): Artificial EMG by WLAN-Exposure. (Abstract:) WLAN (wireless local area network) is used as an important worldwide communication-technique. By this, always there is an electromagnetic field exposure. In contrast to the ICNIRP-safety guidelines, whereby no bioeffect is possible by these low-energetic [...]

White Zones in Germany?

In Neue Zeitschrift für Verwaltungsrecht 20 / 2015 Bernd Irmfrid Budzinski and Wilfried Kühling discuss ‚White zones‘ for Germany and ask: unrealistic or required by law? (excerpt:) Like in other countries, it is not a negligible number of people in Germany, who respond very sensitively towards the radiofrequency radiation … Even the former head of research and development [...]

One step forward, two steps back

Statement of the Competence Initiative for the Protection of Humanity, the Environment and Democracy e.V. Regarding the Opinion of the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) at the Plenary Session on 21 January 2015 Topic: Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity KI-Statement pdf file DOWNLOAD PDF FOR FREE German version  DOWNLOAD PDF FOR FREE At the EU institutional level, [...]

Electrosensitivity: A Patient with Burn-like Skin Manifestations

In Umwelt-Medizin-Gesellschaft 2, 2011, Christine Aschermann describes a patient with preexisting multiple chemical sensitivity who has developed a pronounced electromagnetic hypersensitivity. According to the patient, he is even able to distinguish various sources of electromagnetic fields (e.g. Wi-Fi, DECT or cell phone, DVB-T TV). His symptoms range from skin manifestations, which require treatment, to hypertension [...]

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