A new report by Erich P. Malkemper et al. (2018) gives an overview of The impacts of artificial Electromagnetic Radiation on wildlife (flora and fauna) and current knowledge. The report is a background document to a web conference from Monday 22nd of January to Thursday 25th of January 2018, organized by Eklipse, funding from the European Union (EU).


The focus was made on wildlife (plants, invertebrates, vertebrates), although a few studies on domestic animals have been included … The range of EMR types has also been restricted to artificial anthropogenic radiations … In total, 147 scientific papers or reviews were identified, and 97 of them were used in the analyses (see list of References) … This final list of publications does not aim to be comprehensive, but to compile a representative set of papers and studies to allow an overview of the current knowledge and gaps …

MALKEMPER Erich P., TSCHEULIN Thomas, VANBERGEN Adam J., VIAN Alain, BALIAN Estelle, GOUDESEUNE Lise (2018). The impacts of artificial Electromagnetic Radiation on wildlife (flora and fauna). Current knowledge overview: a background document to the web conference … DOWNLOAD PDF FOR FREE

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