ICNIRP-Report: Conflicts of Interest, Corporate Capture and the Push for 5G

This report was commissioned, coordinated and published by two Members of the European Parliament – Michèle Rivasi (Europe Écologie) and Klaus Buchner (Ökologisch-Demokratische Partei), and financed by the Greens/EfA group in the European Parliament. This report deals with an issue of which the importance cannot be overrated: the possible health effects of Radiofrequency Radiation (RfR) [...]

Corona Krise / Crisis: Mut zum mobilfunkpolitischen Kurswechsel – Courage for a change in policies

Ist es in einer solch unübersichtlichen, höchst gefährdeten Situation wirklich angebracht, dass wir uns als Fachinitiative öffentlich äußern? Wir haben lange überlegt und meinen: ja ... / Is it actually appropriate that we as an initiative of experts should make a public statement in such a confusing and highly precarious situation? We thought about this [...]

Statement Mainz 4.-6. Oktober 2019

Im Kontext der weltweiten 5G-Debatte ein bemerkenswertes Ereignis: In context of the worldwide 5G-debate a remarkable event: Rund 400 TeilnehmerInnen trafen sich Freitag, 4. - Sonntag 6. Oktober 2019 im Kurfürstlichen Schloß Mainz zum Internationalen Öffentlichen Symposium "Biologische Wirkungen des Mobilfunks". Around 400 participants met at International Public Symposium "Biological Effects of Wireless [...]

International Workshop: Radiofrequency radiation injures trees

On the occasion of a International Workshop, 5.-7. November 2019, Bundesamt für Strahlenschutz, Cornelia Waldmann-Selsam presented new information relating to a young study about tree damages (Waldmann-Selsam, Balmori-de la Puente, Breunig, Balmori). (Excerpt:) Between 2016 and 2019 the observation and photographic recording of several trees out of the study had been continued. The damages beginning [...]

To Understand Adverse Health Effects of Artificial Electromagnetic Fields

In a dedicated new essay – In: Essays on Consciousness – Towards a New Paradigm (ed. I. Fredriksson), Balboa Press, Bloomington, IN, USA, 2018 – Olle Johansson explains challenges „to understand adverse health effects of artificial Electromagnetic Fields“. The author asks urgently for the causes of a lack of awareness in society: „is ‚rocket science‘ needed [...]

New Wi-Fi Review

New report by Isabel Wilke: Biological and pathological effects of 2.45 GHz radiation on cells, fertility, brain, and behavior (Umwelt – Medizin – Gesellschaft 1/2018). „More than 100 studies on 2.45 GHz radiation were analyzed, most of which found changes compared to the control groups at levels below the safety guidelines of the International [...]

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Trojan horse “Digital Education” – La formation numérique, un Cheval de Troie

A lecture of Peter Hensinger given at a meeting of the “GEW-Kreisverband Böblingen” (German Teachers’ Union) on 21 June 2017 in an English and French version. „On the road to a conditioning institution set up in a school without teachers? The efforts of Google, Apple, Microsoft, Bertelsmann and the Telekom to get education [...]

New study findings confirm risks of nonionizing radiation

Peter Hensinger and Isabel Wilke report in umwelt-medizin-gesellschaft3/2016 about new research results. The article documents the latest study findings regarding the endpoints of genotoxicity, fertility, blood-brain barrier, cardiac functions, cognition, and behavior. (Excerpt:) A verified mechanism of damage is oxidative cell stress. New hypotheses of additional mechanisms of action will also be presented. Users are [...]

New Observation Guide: Tree Damage

Helmut Breunig, Diplom degree in forestry, published an new Oberservation Guide: „Tree damage caused by mobile phone base stations“. A practical guide for your own observations. Why an observation guide? – The author: „Since the rollout of GSM mobile phone networks in the 1990s, scientists have criticized that the effects of radiofrequency or RF [...]

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Karl Richter wird Achtzig – Karl Richter Turns Eighty

Karl Richter, Literaturwissenschaftler und Vorstand der Kompetenzinitiative, wird Achtzig. Er war 1973 – 2002 Professor für Neuere Deutsche Philologie und Literaturwissenschaft an der Universität des Saarlandes. 2001 Goldene Medaille der Goethe-Gesellschaft. Seit 2007 Mitbegründer und Vorstand der Kompetenzinitiative zum Schutz von Mensch, Umwelt und Demokratie e.V. Karl Richter, literary scholar and president of the Competence Initiative, turns [...]

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